About Us

Throughout its history, Imentrix Spirits & Breweries grew through expansion of existing operations and by acquiring a place in LIQUIOR field throughout the world.

The drive and determination of a team in seeing opportunity to capitalize on a region that was beginning to explode on to the global scene. Since then we have grown into a leading global company. We have a long history of technological development, making us exceptionally placed to deliver value from a portfolio of world class opportunities. Our strong heritage forms the roots for our global business, now operating around the globe.

Our purpose is to create long-term shareholder value through the discovery, acquisition, development and marketing of our Products/Services. Across our global operations, we are committed to working in ways that are true to Our Charter values of Sustainability, Integrity, Respect, Performance, Simplicity and Accountability. When we do, we continue to build on our success today and for tomorrow.


Is a Startup company established in the field of SPIRITS and Distilleries and Beverages.(Promotions, Sales, Marketing pan Karnataka initially) ISAB is aiming to become a key competitor in this Gigantic Sector with its effective n collective teamwork and Winning strategy of Imentrix Spirits and Breweries.

Our Philosophy

Our core philosophy is to produce, Manufacture, Market, Trade, Construct, Distribute, R&D, Service with finest Global Standards with Best “Quality and Quantity”

In doing so, our top priority is safety and our goal is to be one of the world’s Best Company in the respective fields. As a company, we are committed to our promise of 'transforming tomorrow'. Guiding us in this are our values of sustainability, quality, Team Work and leadership.

Our Values

A voluntary, spontaneous and relentless pursuit of goals and objectives with the highest level of energy and enthusiasm, An energetic, intuitive zeal that arises from emotional engagement with the organisation that makes work joyful and inspires each one to give his or her best.

Respect is honouring the worth and dignity of all people. Those who respect others treat them with fairness and courtesy. They treat others the way they themselves wish to be treated.

Integrity is trustworthiness, honesty and uprightness of character. We value people of integrity because we know what to expect from them. We know they will act honourably and that they will do what they think is right. We want people with integrity as our friends, on our teams and in our organizations.

On the foundation of Integrity, doing all that is needed to deliver value to all stakeholders. In the process, being accountable for our own actions and decisions, those of our team and those in the part of the organisation for which we are responsible.

Loyalty is a commitment and faithfulness to a person or cause. Those who are loyal to their family, friends, organizations and country stand behind and support them during good times and bad times. They can be counted on to be there when the going gets difficult and to help out when the chips are down.

Those who accept responsibility are reliable, dependable and willing to take accountability for who they are and what they do. They believe they have a moral obligation to help others and to make a contribution to the society they live in.

Thinking and working together across functional groups, hierarchies, businesses and geographies. Leveraging diverse competencies and perspectives to garner the benefits of synergy while promoting organisational unity through sharing and collaborative efforts.

Responding to internal and external customers with a sense of urgency. Continuously striving to finish before deadlines and choosing the best rhythm to optimise organisational efficiencies.

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